Julie Angerosa works with discarded and natural organic materials repurposing them into jewelry, paintings, sculpture and large installations. She is an experienced educator and passionate about collaborative arts. She holds a Masters of Art Education from Syracuse University and a Masters of Transpersonal Psychology in Creativity and Innovation from Sofia University. 

Originally from Upstate NY, she was active in the arts community in Utica and focused on Urban Revitalization through the Arts. Art in Windows was a collective initiative to fill vacant downtown windows with art, bringing foot traffic and energy back into the heart of Utica. She created two large scale installations each with several elements during TEDx Utica in 2013 and 2014 using all recycled materials and a performance piece. She participated in a variety of group shows and facilitated community murals, including a sculpture as a collaborative effort between Sculpture Space and Empire Recycling in honor of Earth Day in 2014.  While in Utica, Julie established a community art space at the Veteran’s Outreach Center where she held classes, and curated galleries showcasing veteran’s art work. She also co-founded an Arts Incubator initiative that provided professional development opportunities to emerging artists and was a prominent member of an active arts collective in Utica NY.

Relocating to St. Petersburg in 2015 to join the progressive arts scene and grow in her craft, she has been renovating a purchased foreclosed home utilizing recycled materials found on the property. Currently she serves on the Executive Board at the Warehouse Arts District Association, as Co-Chair of the Education Committee, on the Membership Committee and curates WADA galleries. She is a board member at First Night of St. Petersburg and an active volunteer at Keep Pinellas Beautiful where she hosts a quarterly Clean-up in Downtown St. Pete to encourage recycling and proper waste disposal.

At her company REJuled, Eco-Chic Designs, she creates work with repurposed materials and sustainable packaging. Transformation is the common thread throughout all of her artwork; intended to inspire a shift in perspective, energy for personal empowerment and earth awareness. She is a lifelong nature lover, a true environmentalist, and her newest sustainable learning is currently in vermicomposting, vegan cooking and food fermentation.  

Artist Statement:
Transformational Art shifts energy and perspective through creative reuse of spaces and materials.  

Aimed to shed light into dark spaces~ 
                                 My work is reflective and conceptual created to inspire self-actualized empowerment and eco-consious living. 

Inspiration is sparked from everything I find around me.

Resourcefulness began while working as an Art teacher, on a limited budget I hunted for materials.  
Through my search I began noticing the possibility and potential in everything, and my perspective shifted.
The underlying message became, take a closer look, what can be created from what appears to be useless.  
This had a monumental impact on the way I live my life.  
All challenges become opportunities for growth. 
A change in perspective creates hope, and steps forward. Hope is the fertile soil for all creation. 

I create small wearable art @REJuled.  
Jewelry is created with the intention to illuminate the inner power and beauty of women.
Natural stones and upcycled metals are collected with consideration and crafted with care.
Versitile pieces for dressy or casual with a modern vintage style. 
Repurposing and upcycling brings earth awareness with a funky vibe.

Installations and space designs are created with repurposed materials and eclectic combinations.
Fun colors and patterns are mixed with industrial and aged elements.
I've created public installations and private designs. 

My hunt for materials has lead me to dumpsters, for slate that became student cave paintings, a hidden warehouse in NYC, recycling plants, laundromats, libraries, flea markets all over the east coast, natural gem mines, and into nature searching for supplies. 

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy hearing about my inspirations.