TEDx UTICA 2013 Images
       TEDx Utica 2014 ARTIST STATEMENT

A year has gone by and brought about an abundance of change.  Fueled by the energy from last year’s inaugural TEDx Utica event, I have been active in engaging the community in artistic creation. 

I have co-founded an artist incubator called Upstate Flux, participated in and assisted as curator for the Utica Arts and Music Festival, and established a community art room at the Central New York Veteran’s Outreach Center.  All of the community activity has been integral in the creation of this year’s artistic elements for TEDx Utica 2014 – Limitless.  When many hands join together, possibilities and opportunities can be endless. 

This year the backdrop on the stage is a visual representation of breaking through restricting limits.  The conference will begin with a performance piece lead by Catherine Wright and her flock of birds. Movements and costumes have been degined and choreographed to illustrate breaking though barriers. 

The birds in the background are created by books as knowledge is acquired barriers are broken. A black and white fence symbolizes the limit and colorful birds are pushing through. 
The ceiling piece is comprised of 88 birds in the formation of the symbol for “infinity”.  The use of 88 birds represents the individual and community joining as one in the symbol.  In numerology the number 8 represents abundance and the use of color reinforces continuous flow and individuality.

Julie Angerosa, November 2014


I am an artist, teacher and naturalist, eager to learn and to share, encouraging others to get in touch with their creative voice. 
I am a huge TED fan and am thrilled to be a part of this progressive organization and innovative local group. 
Being involved with TEDx Utica has been a transformational opportunity for my growth as an artist. 
My work for this event has a thread sustainability that runs throughout.  The materials I use have been salvaged and given new form for this space. 
Through my art, I hope others are able to see the possibilities in the discarded, the potential in the obscure, and the world through a creative lens.   

Every piece is a self-portrait and reflects a current state of being, internally or externally.  Both a mirror and a window, the arts are a gateway into another’s world.
I see the world like a puzzle, making the connections and putting the pieces together to create one step that leads to the next.  Everything is a potentially usable material and this event has taken me to all sorts of places in the area; libraries, laundromats, recycling centers, and Lock 20 of the Erie Canal.  The creative process teaches flexibility while learning from what doesn’t work.  My dream for Utica is to become the vibrant, culture-filled, passionate city it once was; a city revitalized and reborn.  My art demonstrates this possibly of change, with cooperative work, innovative ideas, and shifts in perspective. 

Julie Angerosa, October 2013